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Judith Sharkey looked up from her black coffee and AutoCAD whilst studying Architecture at Monash and thought “iko.la”, to herself. A passion project that doesn’t signify much of anything just two sleep-deprived syllables for creativity, iko.la has included many collaborations with family, friends, and artists, and is a fashion brand that focuses on self-expression, sustainable practice, and blurring gender norms. Flash forward a few years, Judith now studies Bachelor of Fashion Design at RMIT and works within Melbourne (Australia) and surrounding suburbs and still drinks black coffee for all of her best ideas:


Intern & Seamstress with Sschafer
Intern for Anna Cordell Clothing

Editor at Urbia 1 & 2

RMIT Support Scholarship

RMIT Equity Notebook Grant - 2020

Emily McPherson Award: Certification of Recognition for Material Thinking - 2019

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